M&MM Dark - Modern & Material Mumble Dark (M&MM by oplehtinen) https://vrifox.cc/mumble-theme/
選択できるのは25トピックまでです。 トピックは、先頭が英数字で、英数字とダッシュ('-')を使用した35文字以内のものにしてください。
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M&MM - Modern & (Pseudo)Material Mumble


Based on mumble-theme - The new default theme for Mumble formerly known as MetroMumble.

A simple Mumble theme with a few simple goals:

  • Make Mumble look like a Modern software. It’s 2017 and Discord is taking over.
  • Use Material design guidelines.
  • Keep it simple and neat.

All of these things are very much WIP.

As an extra I try do document the QSS(SCSS) just to make things easier for everyone. I spent hours and hours trying to figure it out. Also, I would very much appreciate some help in finding the right selectors to improve it even more. See below:

Theme Preview


  • Download the newest version
  • Unzip files somewhere. Mumble has a themes folder, too.
  • Go to Settings, User Interface, Browse
  • Select M&MM
  • Restart


  • Clean up the code
  • Figure out a lot more selectors and QSS styling
  • Settings view icons and styles
  • Rework colors (it’s all gray now)
  • The only ‘Material’ things right now are the icons and (some) colors.
  • Much more…


  • ‘Secure server’ styling: currently servers with valid SSL certificates have a light green background. I want to change this to a simple lock icon.
  • Make the server name stand out from the other list items (channels, users) (different font, more white space)
  • Embed a custom font through QSS
  • Use different font styling in user list view.
  • Use a different font/style for channel names.
  • Remove the ugly 1px black border from private messages. Use a subtle background and some padding to differentiate private messages from other messages.
  • The user list icons should be ~4px lower. Figure out a way to target them.
  • Adjust icon sizes EVERYWHERE. Seriously, they are too small.

** At least for now. The SCSS is still a mess. You might end up breaking stuff. Also, migraine. **


Do not modify the qss files directly. Read below.

To change icons and other graphics, simply change the SVG files of the theme (with an editor such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator). See the wiki article on Mumble skinning.

The theme is written in Sass, a language that processes into CSS (or QSS in this case). If you want to make your own skin based on it, install a Sass processor such as Prepros. A Prepros project file is included, so simply add the mumble-theme folder as a project.

The file source/Imports/Base Theme.scss contains the actual theme QSS, but it is not recommended to modify. In future versions you might want to swap Base Theme.scss to a newer version, so it will be easier to update your theme in the future if you leave it alone.

Instead, you should edit either the Lite.scss file in the source folder, and add your own CSS at the end of the file. You can also add your own variants in the source/Imports folder, which contain the color definitions. When you process these files in Prepros, it will output the complete skin to the qss files in the parent folder. The OSX variant can also be found in the source folder, which imports the regular source files but adds a small OSX fix and modifies font sizes.